Coat Love. ❤

Its Finally feeling like Fall here in Southern California. I am super excited to wear m winter clothes!
I have been looking for new coats and found some great coats online that I absoloutly love ❤


Winter Coats Vintage Style!

Camel Cornelio Coat

Dorothy Perkins

Moshino Coat

Bright Magenta

Ohh Purple ❤

Pictures By Google :)

Cheesecake & Coffee

Here are some pictures on how my weekend looked like. I am always excited for the weekend because Its when I have time to bake and relax.Yes my two favorite things, I absolutely love coffee. I come from a heavy coffee drinking family. On Friday night I made this Cranberry Cheesecake! It was delicious considering it was my second time making a Cheesecake. I hope everyone had a great weekend.

Cupcake Love

On saturday I decided to bake these delicious cupcakes since I was home alone my parents were gone the whole day and well I took over the kitchen! I just came up with the frostings! I made about eighteen cupcakes and  I believe there is about six left! They were actually really really good!