Fields Of Berries

I have been wanting to wear this dress for a while now and the days have been getting warmer with occasionally chill winds, but today it was surprisingly warm, warm enough to wear a dress without leggings, although I find this dress quite short, I wore this with simple flats (cheetah print) I think its casual enough for any day and pairing it with a black blazer for a more night out of town outfit. Ive done both. Today I had time to get dressed up, unlike other days were I'm rushed and out the door. Today I'm relaxing before I start school <3
Wearing F21 Dress, Belt, Shoes,

The Blues

Its 2012 and I'm ready! Starting this year I will try to blog more often, I suddenly forget and I get caught in my schedule, To start I want to make an Outfit post since Iv never made one before. I am super happy to have found so many lovely blogs in 2k'11 I know I will find so many more.


Cardigan - Sears
Polo shirt - Ralph Lauren
Tights - Small shop in Mexico
Skirt - Forever 21
Oxfords - (they have recently closed)