Sky High

Today I wore a dress! I haven't been able to wear a dress because of the constant change in the weather, One day hot next day cold very annoying. I wore this dress with my promise shoes! total Jeffrey Campbell knockoffs! I had every intention in buying the real deal but a few websites didn't have my size and were sold out. I then stumbled upon these babies! they are totally comfortable and jokingly comfortable, I grow a few inches with these and I am always taller than many with these on. I wore these with a black dress that I had for a couple of years but I think it goes very well together. I had a casual day today and decided to wear them anyway. Hopefully the weather stays as nice as it did today! Then I can post more outfit's!

Dress: Candies, Tights: Walmart, Shoes: Promise Jocie Laced Up Booties

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