Friends + Park

Here are a bunch of pictures that I took yesterday at the park.

Peachy Keen!

Today I wore a dress that I had purchased from forever 21, which I really do like since their dresses always seem to run too short for my taste. I have worn it with tights but today it was on the hot side here in Cali that I wore it without them, I felt a little odd since I did Not want to flash anyone. I had a good day so far. I recently went hiking on Saturday and got a tan (which I don't like) more like an uneven tan, since I had a jacket on because it was Farley windy on Saturday. I dislike uneven tans! Oh well it will go away in the winter. I hope to go hiking again but this time with the right hiking attire since I had totally the wrong outfit on. I had wore vans shoes and ended up cutting the back of my foot, It was a total of 8 miles and I couldn't feel my feet at the end. I went home and quickly fell asleep. Good Day!

Dress: Forever21, Bag: Steve Madden, Shoes: Candies