October Favorites!

Its that time of the month again to pull out you're faves for the month. The products I have to show today have all been included to my everyday routine now, I have been trying out a few products out lately that I have been really loving!

*Sally Hansen "Commander in Chic 370"
I have been alterning from grey to minty green these past weeks, I adore this shade of grey because it flatters my skin tone and its on the lighter shade of grey.

*Neutrogen Healthy Skin Foundation -
Gives a dewy healthy look to the skin and defenitly gives a flawless look. Its a medium to full coverage foundation, So you can defenitily build up the coverage. Don't recomened it for people with oily complexion. I have oily skin and it looks shiny within a few hours. It would be s better fit for dry to normal skin. Used it all month!

*Salon Perfect Brow Kit
I bought this at walmart a couple weeks ago and this is Amazing! It comes with 4 shades 1 been a highlight. I mix the darkest brown and the dark/grey color to get my perfect color. This quad comes with a mini duel ended brush that work really good and a wax pencil.

*Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose Perfume
This perfume was a gift from my dad. First off im incredibly sensitive to scents and pefumes and get head aches with strong scents. I was suprise that this perfume isn't as strong since I can actually wear this without getting a headache. Anyway it smells like grapes to me ( im horrible at describing anything) It's defenitly not s floral scent. I love it!

*Dove Style + Care Serum
I use this after I style my hair, I curl my hair everyday and this gives my hair a pretty shine to my hair. I only use it from my roots down or else my hair will get greasy looking if I apply it to close to the root.

*China Glaze "Re-fresh Mint"
I know we are in fall but I can't stop using my fave minty green nail polish. It reminds me of summer and I can't stop using it. I will use it all year I think!


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    You are very elegant, love your very informative blog posts!

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  2. I have the same perfume. It`s fabulous. <3
    Also very sensitive to smellies and get migraines
    and allergy all the time. This is one of the few
    I can use. Great choice from your Dad. ^^v

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  4. You're gorg!
    I like your blog!
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  5. you look gorgeous, i love your makeup :D
    the Sally Hansen nail polish looks amazing, i need it!