Winter Products!

Iv been keeping it minimal lately and fresh. The winter weather has been harsh on my skin lately.

Lancome Tresor Midnight Rose - This has been posted way too much on my blog but its in my everyday routine, I'm so use to applying this every morning its a statement.

Julep Maven "Anne" - A very lovely shade of purple, When I first got this nail polish I honestly thought it was an ugly shade of purple put its now been my go to shade for the past two weeks.

Revlon Color-burst Lipstick #96 Petal -  a gorgeous shade of pink lipstick, my favorite nude pink shade. Its a sheer lipstick and it very moisturizing definitely love it for the winter. Iv been using dark eye shadow lately and love the way this lipstick adds color without been clashing with the eye makeup.

Elf HD Powder - Iv been using this powder to set my foundation and its great because its not cakey or chalky at all, I have combination skin during the winter and have dry skin and this is great to set my foundation with.


  1. The elf powder sounds wonderful, i get dry skin too and powders always seem to only highlight those areas even after tonnes of moisturiser. It's a nightmare, ehhe! And the colour of the 'julep' nail varnish is lovely, you don't see enough purple shades, I don't think. I'm a new follower, and you can check out and follow my blog if you wish at

    Tata, leah xo

  2. Wish you the best for 2013! :*
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  3. Hey darling nice blog you have here, I like your posts! Hope you will have time to visit mine and let me know your opinion about it, maybe we could follow each other if you like my posts =)

  4. so cute!