Forever 21 Haul

My Forever 21 package came in the mail today and I was really excited, Mainly because of the boots I purchased. When I first thing I opened was the box that had the boots inside, Unfortunately I don't think the boots met my expectation, They are too stiff for me I feel like I'm walking on the ground. I love the look of them but when I wear them I don't feel they suite me either. I also didn't like the trench coat I think the material is a bit odd. The sweaters were my favorite. Also the cute little card, It was originally $2.80 but I got it for . 99 Cents awesome! Its always a hit or miss with Forever 21. I'm debating on returning the boots.

1. Trench Coat.2.Cheetah Sweater3.Colorblock Crew Sweater4. Spiked Toe Boots5. Lucky Bear Card