Forever 21 Haul

My Forever 21 package came in the mail today and I was really excited, Mainly because of the boots I purchased. When I first thing I opened was the box that had the boots inside, Unfortunately I don't think the boots met my expectation, They are too stiff for me I feel like I'm walking on the ground. I love the look of them but when I wear them I don't feel they suite me either. I also didn't like the trench coat I think the material is a bit odd. The sweaters were my favorite. Also the cute little card, It was originally $2.80 but I got it for . 99 Cents awesome! Its always a hit or miss with Forever 21. I'm debating on returning the boots.

1. Trench Coat.2.Cheetah Sweater3.Colorblock Crew Sweater4. Spiked Toe Boots5. Lucky Bear Card


  1. Aww...I'm sorry some of your haul didn't work out. Forever 21 is hit or miss sometimes. Those shoes are cute, but sorry they are stiff. I always have to order a size up in their boots because they can be really tight. Hope you have a great weekend! <3


  2. I love forever 21, but I could never buy online because the quality is always always so iffy. I hope you get what you want though after returning the items you didn't like! Checkout my blog if you get a chance!

    A Pop of Style

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    btw love the boots!

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  7. well they look like great pieces! i'm sorry they weren't everything you hoped... I hate when that happens
    xo Jessica