Currently Obsessed # 1

This is going to be a serious of currently obsessed products, Now at moment as I type this I have this huge fan hitting my face its so hot must I say my favorite time of the year is winter I absolutely love the winter and the cold weather the fuzzy socks and the warm drinks but man I cant stand the summer! Its not summer yet exactly were only a few days away and I just cant bear the fact of the summer blaze....  I picked out my currently obsessed products with heat I'm trying to keep it minimal and fresh. The first thing is this gorgeous blush by Milani Cosmetics its in the color 01 Romantic Rose and it gives this amazing soft blush look, In the picture is shows up a bit more lighter than it is but its beautiful. The nude lipstick is by Forever 21 in the color Natural and I was a bit hesitant to purchase it but must I say its creamy and soft and the perfect nude color for my skin tone, Its also super inexpensive! Nail polish is by Loreal in the color 260 Sweet Nothings its a simple light peach color perfect for the summer. This is a single eyeshadow from WetnWild in Brulee its matte and it very well pigmented. Most of the time I use it as the main lid color or on the arch of my brow its perfect, I have always loved wet n wild their products are inexpensive and work well!

Lastly I have this concealer by Maybelline and I use it under my eyes for my dark circles and it brightens and makes me look awake, with this heat I try to stay away from foundation. I'm going to go and attempt to make ice cream to stay cool with this heat I hope it comes out delicious!

x Heidi

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