Chickpea Potatoe Curry

Let me start off by saying that if you have never tried this be prepared to want to eat this everyday once you do! Its so satisfying and delicious and healthy! If you're not a vegan or vegetarian this recipe will knock your socks off! This chickpea potato curry is so delicious and super easy to make I cant wait until my husband gets home for him to see I made this today or not because he might eat the whole thing lol totally jk.... This recipe is from Freelee the Banana Girl, I just tweaked it a bit to my liking. I had a side of roasted cauliflower with this but I was full with the curry I will save that for dinner, I will have a roasted cauliflower recipe post soon. I made basmati rice to go with the curry, perfect combo!

5-6 boiled potatoes
1 can of rinsed chickpeas
1/2 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup tomato paste
1/3 cup organic sugar (you can use as little or as much as you need)
1/2 red onion (diced)
1 tsp ginger (minced)
1/4 tsp paprika
2 tbsp curry powder
(I added 1 tbsp of turmeric powder )

Mix coconut milk, sugar, tomato paste, paprika, curry powder and turmeric powder together.
Sauté onion and ginger until cooked through.
Add sauce mixture, boiled potatoes, and chickpeas to the cooked onions and ginger. I also added more coconut milk once everything was cooked to make it more creamy and less dry but you can stick to the original recipe which taste delicious either way.

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