Exfoliant Mask by Birchrose + co

When I received this Exfoliant Mask by Birchrose and co in my June Art of Organics box   I was happy and nervous at the same time because Exfoliants can keep rough on the skin but I gave this a go and I was surprised at how smooth this feels. It has natural ingredients like white kaolin, coconut milk powder, essential oils which are calming for the skin and soothing it also has undaria algae which is suppose to stimulate the synthesis of collagen. For directions you mix it with water and it becomes a creamy mask like paste, once you apply it on the skin it dries and you can leave it on for a few minutes and when you wash it off it leaves your skin super soft and I notice that my foundation and makeup goes on so much more smoother, I only use this once or twice a week as too much exfoliating can irritate my skin which I learned from experience, I do think that a good exfoliating mask like this one added on to your skin care routine will make a difference. When I feel like my skin looks dull I tend to try something different that can help brighten and live up my skin, I love skin care products and adding this to make skin care has added a pick me up to my skin. This mask retails for $32 but currently its $28 on their website. Its vegan and cruelty free which is always a plus for me and it has mostly organic ingredients.

So far I have been really happy with all the boxes from Art of Organics they include full size products for a decent price and you get natural beauty products, click on the link if you would like to try it.

Let me know if you tried this or what your favourite exfoliating product is.

Xo Heidi